Architect plans – Army Donder’s school concept design

So what will the school and health centre look like?

Learning is growth. Logo designed by Luke Wilkinson, OLOH School

Architect’s drawing of the Mumford Health and Education Centre, (formerly the Gomoa Education Centre). Designed with the African environment in mind, featuring solar energy panels, water harvesting, grey water gardening, passive cooling and rammed earth walls.  Designer: Army Donder.

Army Donder

Look inside the NEW school building design…..flexible seating, group work, modern pedagogy…catering across all year levels…small study nooks… Even accommodation for volunteers!

Students at OLOH School,  Alessandro, George and Andre have designed the school playground, all made from natural and recycled materials. See below:


                                                      “Im ready to go to school”

                                               “Cant wait to go to my new school!”