Ghana: Education Programs

2018-2019 Cans For Kids Project Ghana

In October, 2018, the CFKP moved to Ghana to embark upon a new project, to create awareness of the need to recycle and for all children to attend school. The Light of God Academy is located within the urban slums of Kasoa, where many students experience family hardships that sometimes preclude them from attending school. Sponsorship (school fees) were paid for 5 promising students selected by the Principal and teachers for their personal circumstances and their academic potential.


Education programs were also delivered within the school about reducing, reusing and recycling waste products. Emmanuel had the students captivated by the creative possibilities of re-using ‘rubbers’ and plastic bottles. The students returned to school with an array of handbags, head crowns, boats and flowers they had sewn out of plastic ‘rubbers’.

Emmanuel showing students samples of re-using waste products.

Environmental education starts at the grass roots